The Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics has quickly become an important factor for office based businesses around the world.  The habits of office workers have a cumulative effect, as these habits are maintained for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  When I first entered the work force in 1997, I had a healthy back.  I was a college wrestler, and anything that I wanted to do physically, I could do.  As far as I knew, my body had no limitations.  But once I started working for 40 hours a week, sitting at a desk, typing away at a computer, it was this lack of movement that started to really wreak havoc on my back.

I learned the hard way just how important it is to consider ergonomics.  Only when I got my first ergonomic furniture did things start to turn around.  Here’s some recommendations that you can use to save yourself the hardship of recovering from the effects of bad posture.


Ergonomic Recommendations

1. Get an ergonomic chair

An ergonomic furniture that helps to foster a healthy posture will save you from pain and injury in the long run.  If you’re used to sitting with poor posture, at first an ergonomic chair is going to be uncomfortable.  The goal is to get you to sit upright and straight so the bones of the spine can align on top of themselves, this requires a little work from the muscles, which you might not be used to.  This certainly was a challenge for me when I first started taking care of my back.

One of the most popular ergonomic chairs is the kneeling chair, also known as the knee stool.  The kneeling chair is designed to give more space to the hips which provides relief to the muscles of the lower back.  Highly recommended for those having a hard time remembering to sit up straight and who have pain when doing so.

2. Position your monitor

You want your eye level to be directly in-line with the middle of your monitor.  This prevents your neck from creeping forward and your upper back rounding.  My chiropractor told me that this is the easiest, and quickest fix I could make to my office setup.  And its true.  I felt better after a week of making this simple change.

3. Take frequent breaks

When I was an athlete, aside from a few bruises and scrapes, I never had any pain in my body.  Definitely not anything skeletal related.  It was sitting at the computer in a fixed position that really started to mess up my body.  I started setting a computer alarm to remind me to get up, walk, and stretch every 30 minutes.  This has been extremely helpful in staying loose and pain free.

BOSS B248 – Kneeling Chair Product Review

boss b248 product shotThe Boss B248 ergonomic kneeling stool has been one of the most popular options among customers since it was introduced. We first found it on the popular Facebook page for KneelingChairHQ.  One of the aspects that have made it a favorite is the fact that it is available for a reasonable price. This is a significant advantage considered the level of comfort and quality ergonomics it offers. Boss has created a unique kneeling chair that is quite easy to use. This review highlights the features that make this stool a great choice.

Product Highlights


In terms of comfort, the Boss B248 ergonomic kneeling stool is impressive. It has a black fabric seat and it comes with a knee platform designed to offer comfort for extended periods. The material used for the seat helps to enhance comfort. The stool has adequate padding to allow you to enjoy extra comfort when using it. The padding used is malleable and soft without compromising on durability. This kneeling chair is ideal for users with big and small bodies. One of the best things about t the padding is that it will remain in good condition even after prolonged use. You will be able to use this chair for a few years without worrying that it will wear out.


A kneeling chair has to be adjustable to allow you to enjoy good ergonomics. You should be able to position yourself well on the chair to suit your specific body type and the kind of desk setup you are using. The Boss B248 ergonomic kneeling stool comes with an adjustable knee platform. You can adjust the height on the platform to suit your preferences. This means that the chair can accommodate multiple users. It has a pneumatic gas lift to make it easy for you to adjust the platform.

Its ergonomic design helps to ease your hip forward and encourage you to maintain a straight posture. It aligns your back, neck, and shoulders to relieve any strain on your lumbar muscles. This product has everything that you need in a kneeling stool.


If you are looking for a kneeling stool that is appropriate for a professional environment, this is a great choice. Its design matches well with office settings. It can even be used in dental offices. Most of the kneeling stools tend to have an awkward design but this product has a professional look. It has a black tubular frame made of steel, making it very sturdy. For those who are looking for professional kneeling stools, look no further than this product. The use of black also makes it easy to match it with any décor.


This chair gives you value for your money considering the unique design that is highly durable. It is available at a very affordable price. You can actually save about 51% if you purchase this product right now. To enjoy this discount, take advantage of the offer available on Amazon, where you can get it for nearly half the list price. This is a great bargain considering the level of comfort and ergonomics that you will enjoy with this product.

Benefits of Phen 375


I have been looking into the dietary drug Phen375’s benefits.

I must say that, until now, I have found the whole concept of putting drugs into your body to make it lose weight as something of an anathema to me. I grew up in a world where such drugs did not exist and the only way to lose weight was to eat less and run more. Unfortunately this is a much outdated view of weight issues which is very limited and does not see the full picture. For some, weight gain can be a fact of there lives which it is very difficult to control for a whole number of reasons. Coupled with a period of weight loss drug developments that were not always entirely successful, for me and many of my generation these pills can be viewed with a certain amount of scepticism.

For many the use of weight loss supplements can seem like an extreme way to lose a few pounds. For others, who have dieted without much success for years, the idea of something that will boost their efforts to lose weight is a welcome relief. The use of these supplements, however, has often come under fire from the press because of the bad side effects experienced by some users.

Phen375 suffers a stigma created by the side effects of an earlier drug with a similar name: Fen-Phen. This was a compound of two drugs, Phentemine and Fenfluramine, the combination of which could cause problems with a user’s heart. Phen375, however, is not this drug and does not carry the same risks.

Phen375 is the result of years of research and refinement. It contains only small amounts of the combined ingredients which come well below industry guidelines.

If the drug is taken with care and alongside normal dietary controls there is no reason why it shouldn’t be an effective dieting aid for many people, and certainly numerous testimonies from successful users seems to bear this out.

As with any drug there can be some side-effects, but these seem to be minimal.

The benefits of Phen375, however, far outweigh these side effects.

  • The pill will boost metabolism, converting much more of your food intake directly into energy rather than fat.
  • It increases your calorie burn rate even when you are resting.
  • It suppresses your appetite, meaning you take in less food in the first place, and allows you to feel more satisfied by the food that you do eat.
  • The drug is also thermogenic, which apparently means it increases your bodies temperature, affecting your metabolism and encouraging it to burn more calories.

A quick glance at some of the websites discussing Phen375’s benefits shows that many people have benefited from it’s fat burning and appetite suppressing qualities. If you purchase Phen375, it is certainly a drug which could help many people reach their perfect weight.

Features of the Best Curling Wand

curling wandsWomen from all over the world love to keep their hair clean and smart all the time. Fortunately, new hair gadgets are encouraging more women to invest in their personal beauty because of the reliability and affordability of new beauty gadgets and devices. In the United States, women are heavily investing in health and beauty spas for both young and old women. The recently launched curling wand seems to be promising because it exhibits excellent features. The best curling wand brands have the following features.

  • Heat settings

This feature helps in maintaining the hair`s curl because it deals with the hair`s texture and thickness. Excellent models ensure that the heating process is effective and efficient to ensure that the hair is not burnt or un-moisturized.

  • Design

Some of the best curling wand comes in different shapes and sizes in order to create unique hair curls for different women for different occasions. In US, professional stylists are purchasing styling tools that have a wide range of heat settings and multiple curling styles needed for different women.

  • Materials

The best curling wand is made of ceramic and tourmaline materials. This has been made possible because of nanotechnology. Ceramic and tourmaline are much smoother and evenly distribute heat throughout the hair. These materials provide negative ions in the hair which cancels out positively ions initiated by the static electricity in the hair.

  • Safety features

Women are advised to purchase heat resistant glove as a precautionary measure. This is because the trimming the hair to the desired shape and size takes a long time. Women and hair stylists are advised to always use the auto-shut off feature which automatically disconnects power after an hour. This is the best safety measure because people no longer need to worry about accidents or unwanted hair burns. Cool tips and barrel stands are an additional safety, stability and control features.

These gadgets are sold in online shopping stores and in retail stores all over the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, China and Japan.

Outdoor Digital Signage Hardware Protection Review

lcd enclosureAny digital signage hardware that is intended to be installed in either a hostile area or an outdoor location, protection is needed. Otherwise the hardware is open to abuse and failure, so let us look at how the digital signage can be protected.

So what options are there for digital signage protection?

There are 3 options for locating digital advertising equipment, the first is to put the hardware in a location that is protected from all types of weather and any possible vandalism. The second solution is to purchase dedicated outdoor hardware and the third solution is to use protective housings.

Protected outdoor location

Look for a location that has a roof and 2 walls on 2 side, such as in a rail station to make sure the hardware is protected from direct access from rain and snow. Mounting the hardware is important, so a theft resistant mount is required that can be locked, to prevent hardware theft.

Third party protective housings

These are steel, protective enclosures that provide a sealed, waterproof housing that prevents water ingress and resists vandal attacks. The electronic hardware is situated inside the housing on the internal mounting bracket, the unit that was tried was from a company called DOOH Limited (www.lcdenclosure.co.uk) and the housing came with both cooling and heating solutions. The viewing window was made of toughened glass and the door was secured with 2 high security locks.

Most audio visual displays will fit into these protective housings, from regular displays to commercial grade AV displays.

Dedicated outdoor hardware

There are many manufacturers of outdoor grade advertising hardware, so the best thing to do is shop around as the prices may vary widely, the hardware is usually encased in a protective housing, that provides all the weather and vandal protection necessary in a remote or hostile environment.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and depends on the budget you have.

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